Arm your camera with tools & accessories for high end video & digital cinema cameras. Iterative changes to their ecommerce store were made to the navigation, homepage, news section, dealer locator, and support sections.

High performance ecommerce built for the future

Homepage with full width video on desktop
Email newsletter design
Product page design
The dealer locator uses the Google Maps API and a customized tile set
The News section combines their social media posts with updates and articles from the company
Careers page with resume upload
The News article template features a full-width header graphic.
The support section gathers questions from the sales, support, and repair teams in one centralized location for customers.
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The Live search in the support section uses Vue.js to perform a client-side search through a JSON file for support articles. It features fuzzy search capabilities, and the JSON file is created every 24 hours to use minimal resources on the server.

Significant changes to Tilta's WooCommerce-based site were made that included custom templates, plugins, navigation, live search functionality, web performance optimization, retargeting & analytics implementation and much more.

The page load speed increased by up to 10x by implementing caching, HTTP2 multiplexing, and switching to a cloud server running the Litespeed web server. 

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